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G2F Media has enjoyed a twelve-year relationship with one of the World‘s most recognised and famous motorcycle brands and what can be described as a truly global organisation. Honda has long been associated with racing, and has used their successes on the track as a key part of their marketing strategy for several decades, working on the theory that ‘what wins on Sunday sells well on Monday‘.

Communicating this winning message, from the various disciplines in which Honda is involved, to its Worldwide audience is an important part of this process and one where accuracy, speed and reliability are paramount. The hondaproimages portal was the first of its type in the industry and although now replicated by others, remains one of the richest and most trusted sources of written and photographic data. Boasting over thirty-thousand images dating back over a decade, which are constantly updated immediately after each and every event around the World, this service continues to ensure that Honda media presence is in pole position.

The highly experienced field of staff include some of the most respected writers and photographers in the business, who travel the globe on a weekly basis throughout the season to ensure the continuous flow of news and images.





Honda Motor Sports

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